We craft elegant website solutions
with powerful technologies
and solid strategies.

Watts Web Studio focuses energy on creating a customized function and design that is perfectly apt for the uniqueness of each client. From inception to completion of each project, we are committed to creating a website solution that will promote and expand your business on the web.

In today’s market place, establishing a web presence is essential. Watts Web Studio’s approach to custom web creation will enhance the accessibility of your website. Custom style, forms, galleries, and quality search engine optimization each play a necessary part in a quality website. Let’s discuss the particular needs of your business.


WordPress is a full force Content Management System; including options of thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. WordPress has become the leading solution for building websites, and for good reason.

Watts Web Studio will program your customized websites or blogs with WordPress’ C.M.S. This gives you the ability to add and/or edit basic content within the website on your own through a control panel you can access through a simple web browser. Let’s discuss if this is the best option for your project’s needs.

Responsive / Mobile-Friendly

Designing websites that look great on mobile phones as well as tablets and laptops is now even more essential! Responsive website design covers it all!

Programming the website layout with a “Responsive” nature allows your website to accommodate to the various device dimensions of the individual viewer, whether they happen to be using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Find out if your website is mobile-friendly: Google Mobile Friendly Test


Search engine optimization (s.e.o.) is the practice of building your website to rank well in search engines in regards to the most relevant keywords and phrases which best describe your business.

In addition to the visible website content (the imagery and the readable text), there are many invisible elements which can greatly enhance a website’s ranking within search engines. These structural and behind-the-scenes elements, when utilized appropriately, can organically boost your web search results: meta, title, alt, and image tags within the source code.

Hosting Services

The hosting service is the rented computer space on which your website files reside. The foundation of building an exceptional custom website is choosing to have your website hosting services located on a reputable and reliable computer server.

We set up our websites with quality web hosting services.

Domain Name Registration

Another foundational element of establishing a website is choosing the website’s domain name. The domain name is the central piece of your actual internet address name such as

We offer strategic advice during the process of choosing an optimal website domain name and the logisitics of obtaining the domain name on your business’ behalf.

Website Maintentance

Watts Web Studio offers general website maintenance for a competitive hourly rate. Also, we offer plans involving routine or unexpected updating of your website.

Website maintenance can include any or all of the following: adding, removing or editing texts and images, adding new pages, updating news and events, uploading documents, and emergency adjustments.

Customized Tutorials

We can create an accompanying customized website tutorial, detailing step by step how to add or adjust the often updated sections of your WordPress website through a Control Panel. For example, adding or editing various image and textual elements on pages, and adding to the news and events sections.

Security Monitoring

Recent developments have shown how important it is to secure your website from any hackers. We can outfit the website with premium security software and monitor it for attacks.

Social Media

Your website can be a hub for displaying all of your social media communications. We can network all of your business’ social media accounts to your website.


Watts Web Studio keeps an original backup of the completed website files in case they’re ever needed.

For added peace of mind and security, the scheduling of ongoing backups can be discussed for websites that are frequently being added to with fresh content.

Software Updates

Many websites require updating of the software for the purpose of ensuring up to date security and proper functionality of all aspects of the website. This can be discussed and set in motion as needed.

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