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WordPress' C.M.S. allows you to update Content yourself through your web browser.
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No Rocket Science

Leave the rocket science to us. We can do the coding & heavy lifting. Have the design concept or psd files finished? Let us program it!

Updates & Support

Offering ongoing website software updates and support for your website! We can discuss the maintenance schedule that best fits your needs & goals.

Custom Tutorials

Would you like to do in-house website additions? We create step by step customized tutorials giving you the tools to add content to your own website!

Responsive Websites

Responsive website design is the approach that structures the design and development of the website so it will respond to the screen size, and orientation of the user’s chosen viewing device. The practice consists of a mix of flexible layouts, images and variable CSS instructions. As the user switches from their laptop to tablet, the website will automatically adjust to accommodate for resolution and image size. The website will have the technology inbuilt, allowing it to automatically respond to the user’s preferences.  Programming a website to be responsive also ensures that it is “mobile-friendly”.

Our Services

Responsive WordPress Website Developer


One Site – Many Devices

Making a mobile-friendly website doesn’t mean you have to have multiple websites. We program one website which automatically adjusts, adapting it’s layout for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Search Engine Optimization

Making your website mobile-friendly helps ensure your website’s search engine optimization value will not be demoted. While search results requested via a desktop or tablet will be unaffected by the new rules, mobile search results currently make up about half of all Google searches.

mobile friendly wordpress web development

Convert Your Website – New Programming

Maybe you have a website layout that you love but you need to update the base programming so that is mobile-friendly. Watts Web Studio can re-program your existing website to be mobile-friendly.

Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

You may think that your website is mobile-friendly because it already ‘works’ on a mobile screen, but that isn’t the true test of mobile-friendliness. Does it look the same on a smartphone as on a desktop? Do you have to zoom to read text? Are links close together?

See if your website passes the latest standards of being mobile-friendly. Take the test here, and let’s discuss how to update your website.

Responsive WordPress Website Design San Diego


WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as a full C.M.S. (content management system) and much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. WordPress is rapidly becoming an excellent tool for building your company’s website as it is the leading platform for responsive/mobile-friendly websites powering 43% of the web.

Watts Web Studio offers customized websites or blogs including access to a WordPress C.M.S.

WordPress’ C.M.S. gives clients the ability to add and/or edit many essential parts of the website on their own. Let’s discuss if this is the best option for your project needs.

WordPress C.M.S.
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