A Hosting Service Is Essential


Hosting Server

A hosting server is the rented computer space on which your website files live. It is an essential part of actually getting your website online so that people can start visiting your new website.

We can assist with setting up and configuring your website with a reputable hosting company and discuss the appropriate level of service and add ons that are uniquely suited for your website.

SSL Certificates Installed Website Security

SSL Certificate

The inclusion of an SSL Certificate has now become the recommended standard and Watts Web Studio and assist in the configuration of your certificate.

Are SSL certificates really necessary?

With Google about to release the latest Chrome browser any day now (version 68 set for July 2018), the reasons for getting an SSL certificate for your website are becoming harder to ignore. When Chrome updates to version 68 this month it will begin displaying websites without SSL as being insecure. This is what the difference will most likely look like:

SSL Certificates Necessary, WordPress, Web Designer

Where as this image here, displaying the word ‘Secure”, the green accent color, and the lock symbol;  is what they can look like when your website successfully has an SSL certificate installed:

SSL Certificates Installed, WordPress, Web Designers

Three reasons for installing an SSL certificate.
1) An SSL certificate assists in your SEO ranking value. Not having it installed means that your website’s search engine value is demoted within Google’s search engine. The Google search algorithm reportedly devalues sites who aren’t secured with SSL.

2) It adds greater security. It adds and encryption to your sensitive information as it travels out in the unknown.

3) It builds trust with visitors to your website by displaying the green secure and lock display in the address bar which contributes to brand influence.

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