Keep Your Website Going Strong


Website Fixes & Adjustments

Has your website in need of some fine tuning and fixes? Many websites after launching get neglected and go unattended to until something stops working. Often it is a software component that needs an update. If this is your issue, feel free to contact us, even if we didn’t build your site, and we can troubleshoot your issue and resolve it.

It is a best practice to have all of your website’s component software elements updated just as soon as new versions become available. There are three main software areas of a WordPress based website which need to be maintained. These aspects consist of the WordPress version, the theme version, and the various versions of each of your plugins. The most important reasons for updating are to increase security, fix bugs, and to ensure continuous proper functionality.

Watts Web Studio can provide this service for your website. You can have peace of mind knowing that all of the website’s software is being tested and updated regularly to ensure it is both secure and that the website’s various elements are compatible and functioning properly.

Or maybe you would like some layout and content revisions. No problem, we can handle that for you as well. Or possibly, your website when built was’t done in a responsive way, and now you need your website converted to be both responsive and mobile friendly.

Some people just have there website built and then don’t keep the software updated and then contact me with a hacked website embedded with viruses. To fortify against this outcome hire us to maintain your software updates so you don’t have to.

Have a question? We’d be happy to answer!